How many is too many...

@ipisman (144)
March 1, 2007 8:46pm CST
So what if you had found out your current boyfreind/girlfriend had been somewhat of a playgirl/playboy before you had started dating him/her.This got me too thinking, would you break up with them because of it... So my question is simple (ok maybe not), but what is the "number" at which point you would call it quits with them because of it? For me, it would be around 10.
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• Philippines
2 Mar 07
I can't give you any number. Because for me, it will never matter how many boyfriends/girlfriends may the one I have been having before we decided to start with our own affair. It will be unfair for both of us, if I will get affected by the relationships he/she have had before us. No one among us had the idea that we will find us in each other arms beforehand. Both of us are still in the process of finding the right partners then. So, why let it hinder us from enjoying a life together, if we find out that we are the soulmates we've been trying to locate all this time? Definitely, I'll decide to pursue with our relationship if I find him/her to be the right one for me.
@cherhost (1073)
• United States
2 Mar 07
You would call it quits if you fell in love??? Just wondering. You know my hubby and I never got on that topic while we were seeing eachother. It is funny how that did not matter anymore.