United States
March 1, 2007 9:08pm CST
i heard a few story about athlete, who is a super star on a team, (football, basketball or whatever they join) they break every record in school history, expect the last one or the biggest one, like most point or most yard in or whatever it is, everyone like that person. now story or news o heard that person got injury a game before he breaks the record, the coach on both side come to agreement to let that player to score that point to break the record when is injury, they going to let the team get to scoring position and than they all stand aside and let him score the point to break the record, now that is to me is poor sportmanship, and unfair to the person who set the orginal records, what do you think? good sportmanship you agree with it? you think it is fair to the other person who orginaly set the record?
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@Dolcerina (3379)
• Hungary
2 Mar 07
No, it is not fair, but I have never heard about it.... It can not be on worldchampions only on local games maybe... And that person can not feel what is it to brake a record, if he knows it in advance...
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• United States
2 Mar 07
thanks you friend, i just find that unfair for the person who set the record, it is poor sportmanship
@samrat16 (2442)
• India
27 Mar 07
I think it's not unfair to anybody. This is what is called humanity , I can tell you one incidence in cricket when I think Ian healy , Australian wicket keeper didn't stumped a england player on last ball of innings as this person was taking retirement from cricket and was his last innings . What would you think of ian healy , he is a sportsman but I respect him more now as he is a kind humanbeing too. Regarding records and all if so many people find he deserves it than he would be a gem and eveb I think he should get the record no matter what.