To all my dear Muslims

United States
March 1, 2007 10:08pm CST
Hi everyone, I have recenty converted to Islam, which I have found a beutiful religion. I was born with no religion and now that I am grown I have from myself and my religion. I was never really born into Islam, so I hope that my questions will not offend anyone, because I am seeking for help and answers. I have found this Islam to refreash my life and bring me happiness. I have found love for Allah in my life forever. There is one problem that I am having, and that is learning to do my prays. The language is very hard for me to adapt to and being a new muslim from America it is hard. Can anyone help me, with this. Thank all of your for your time and I would really love your help so that I can commit myself more to my beloved religion.
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• Brazil
4 Mar 07
From a fellow Muslim convert, wecome to Islam, on prayers, I suggest you memorizing the easier surah, aside from Fatihah, these should help Surah 108 Abundance - Al-Kauther, 3 verses Surah 110 Succour - An-Nasr, 3 verses Surah 112 The Unity - Al-Ikhlas, 4 verses Surah 114 Mankind - An-Nas, 6 verses The praye itself takes a while to learn, but youre allowed to say it mentally in your own language until you memorize the arabic quotes. Overall I prayed inPortuguese for 6 months, until I learned the arabic, but what's important is that you pray. May god bless and send his peace upon you.
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@tigerdragon (4297)
• Philippines
2 Mar 07
congratulations michelle for finding yourself in a community of devotees.i believe that everyone has to have a belief in something because this will guide you through your journey in life.islam is wonderful religion.whatever state you are in ,always remember to smile upon adversities.
• United States
2 Mar 07
I llive in Trenton,NJ USA
@lamiaa (581)
• Egypt
7 May 07
Hi michele , congratulation for finding peace but my advice to you in Islam , you will hear many opinion in subject in Islam , just follow your heart , the heart know what is right or wrong . i hope you ask me if you stop in any thing , and i will help u if i can , congratulation.
• Morocco
14 Apr 07
salam, congratulations michelle I just wanna advice you not to worry about the issue of language because many people who converted to islam have started just like you but with will they could achieve their goal i.e to learn the language of the coran(if there is a will there is a way) I hope you'll be always in the right path through god's guidance :) good luck
• Malaysia
14 Mar 07
hey brother , whatever you need just let me know
• Malaysia
6 Mar 07
In the name of Allah Most Gracious and Most Merciful Alhamdulillah... at last, you're a muslim! If you feel hard to read the Koran in Arabic, you can read it in english language too. But, it'll be better if you read in arabic... the important thing is, you must understand the content in the Koran. Assalamualikum. :)
• Pakistan
5 Mar 07
Hey Welkam InshaAllah u will learn soon for prayin ma advice is to contact any muslim who no how to pray u will find at near to ur house InshAllah n they will b happy to teach u n plz msg me i am foudning some helpful site for you okz Allah hafiz
• India
5 Mar 07
as salam alikummay allah the almighty give you courage to fight the people who are against america only you will get lot of people hating islam but now your main objective should be to preach islam and also you should try to know more about islam and you should also avoid few groups who are spreading wrong teachings of islam they are insulting our prophet dont talk to them and if you want any kind of help i will love to render take care
@coffeechat (1961)
• New Zealand
4 Mar 07
Hi Michele, I find this post most intriguing. After moving to America, did you convert when you got into your present relationship? Yes, it is true that you would adopt Islam when you are in love with somebody. And as you stay in his family's house you certainly need to be on your best behaviour and show your commitment to Islam. I wish you all the best for the huge commitment you have taken. I admire you for your sacrifice and try to keep smiling!
@Naseem00 (1998)
• Pakistan
2 Mar 07
Its really nice to know you onverted to Islam. I believe there must be some scholor to whom you had gone to verify your conversion (Sahadah). The same person can help you learn how to pray. You can also find some Islamic centre near you in the US and can get help from there too. You really do not have to learn Arabic to be a Muslim.
• Sri Lanka
2 Mar 07
To convert and practice Islam you need not learn any language. Muslims in Sri Lanka do not speak or read Arabic. But if you want to learn it is not difficult, though some sounds are not available. Pepsi and Bibsi is written in the same manner. Even writing and reading is easy, for instance a wide U will produce Y or B depending on the dots beneath it and N, Th or T depending on the dots above it.
@abijan (494)
• Malaysia
2 Mar 07
Hi Michele. Congratulation to you for following the true path. I think you can get some help from Muslim community near to you. I believe they are the best to help you. Learn it slowly but continuously. When you said prays, is it Du'a or solah ? Not to worry so much, you can use English in your Du'a, and just follow other Muslim when they are performing solah and learn from them. I think you can view one of many website in the internet : If you have any prblem just ask, and I will try to help to explain. The only problem I have is I'm not so fluent in English, so it is hard for me to say something to make you more clear.