Drinking and Smoking. Which is more anti-social?

March 1, 2007 10:20pm CST
I am asking this question because I have a friend who used to drink and smoke. But since he gave up smoking three months ago... he made up for it by drinking twice as much. When I visit him... within two hours... he is drunk and start arguing and yelling. Which make me think now that smoking is far more civilise than getting drunk. What are your thoughts on this?
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@kittles (156)
3 Mar 07
Well I think aslong as your not in a room with people who don't want to smoke, it's not anti social, it's only anti social when people who don't like ti are in the same area as you. Drinking is just as harmful but someone considered "better" by most of society (Do you see so many ban drinking in public places sorts of qutoes as much as smoking? Ofcourse not I think this is stupid) Probably more deaths to innocent people have been caused by drink than smoking so I would say drinking is more anti social..
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• United States
2 Mar 07
They both start out as social and then as you get older they grow to be anti-social :P
• India
2 Mar 07
Both drinking and smoking are injurious to health..if it starts in you,you cant leave it and it wont leave you..but it will destroy you..if you are a best friend of him,advice him to stop all these nonsense..but he cant stop it immediately..so tell him to stop it gradually...we cant tell which is bad..my opinion is both are anti-social..
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• Australia
2 Mar 07
You don't know my friend... He would tell me to go and jump in the lake. It is not PC to tell people what to do. You can only tell them when they ask you.
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@superbren (861)
23 Mar 07
they are both antisocial smoking is offensive to your friends as they have to suffer you blowing smoke in their faces.it doesnt change your personality though as drink does. i think i would have to say drink as a smoker can be persuaded to go outside to have a ciggie but drinkers are always in your face and its amazing how twisted people do become with drink.
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@m_audrey6788 (13973)
• Germany
2 Mar 07
Hi I believe it is ok if you drink but not more than 2bottles because anything that is too much is bad. :)
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@Hootyea (28)
• Canada
2 Mar 07
It depends, stop dealing in absolutes. If the person is a happy drunk, smoking. If the person is an abuse drunk, drinking. Obviously, your friend is the latter. However, social drinking and smoking do cross social boundaries, so they can actually be social tools.