how often do you say "i love you"

@julie0825 (1415)
March 1, 2007 11:24pm CST
TO YOUR SPOUSE , PARENTS , FRIENDS, OR BROTHER AND SISTER OR YOUR KIDS ? I believe WE should tell TO OUR loved ones and friends as often as possible. You never know when it will be the last time. I kiss and tell my daughters I love them daily, my brothers about every other time I talk to them as well as my parents. It's good that they hear it from me, LOVE CONQUERS ALL I WISH YOU THE HAPPINNES
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@FrancyDafne (2048)
• Italy
2 Mar 07
The person I love more than my whole life is my sweet and little son. He is 7 and I love him! I always say to him: "I love you", when I wake up him in the morning, when I take him to school, when we watch the TV together.... love and respect are very important, I "feel" that a child grows up happier and with more esteem of himself/herself when he/she feels that he/she is loved in his/her family. If every child was really loved and respected, there would not be unhappy people in the world.
@fameat21 (36)
• India
2 Mar 07
Not very often to my parents coz i think dats pretty obvious as everybody loves their parents....But yes i do make it a point to make some days special for them like Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Wedding Anniversary etc...Since i'm not into a relationship with some1 anymore i don't have anyone whom i can say 'I love you' to.....
@money01 (85)
• Indonesia
2 Mar 07
love not just a word,it's such part of feel,word,n act.
• United States
2 Mar 07
I say i love you to my girlfriend every time i get the chance.