I HATE SPIDERS and cant overcome it???

United States
March 1, 2007 11:54pm CST
In the spring them little bas**rds start seeking refuge and its into panic mode I go. Im not just saying "im a little grossed out by them" Im saying, "HOLY SH*T we need to move". As soon as the first one makes his way in it starts. I am always the one to find them too, because Im lookin' for them. I stare at ANYTHING out of place on the ceiling because I know when something has changed. I dont know how many times I have woke my honey up to kill a dust ball...lol..ITs terrible. I even live in Michigan where its cold and we dont have the BIG ones. Kudos to you Texans, and anyone from Arizona..ugh.. How do you overcome something that cant even hurt you??
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• United States
2 Mar 07
I understand you there, i HATE spiders with a passion, and i tend to freak out when i see them! I found one in my baby clothes the other day, and this morning one was crawling across my laptop. Thankfully i didnt throw my computer hehe. But i did set the computer down on the table and blow at the spider till it went away.. Im allright with them as long as i dont have to touch them, they dont come near me, *shudder* I really dont like spiders!