Do you believe what people tell you on the internet?

@simesc (248)
March 1, 2007 11:56pm CST
I ask this question as one of my friends has started meeting people from chatrooms. He is looking for one night stands really. He is lying to them about his name, age and marital status. The girls that he is meeting are all saying - I have never done this before. I am trying to tell him that, they will have done this before and that as he is lying to them, they are lying to him also. He cannot see this. I worry about him and his wife. The people that he is meeting are having relationships with numerous unknown people so often. Who knows what he will catch from them. Or no what they will catch from him.
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• China
2 Mar 07
It depends what the other side told me. some times i chatted with some people on the internet. I just want to relax. I talk with people about some hot issues, not business. at this time , i do believe what they say to me.Why not? the world is so big, All kinds of things are happening evryday, by this way , we can exchange ideas, get some news. what is more, I do not think people want to cheat under this situation.Regarding doing business, I will be very careful.
• India
2 Mar 07
I dont believe what people say on the internet,until u go and meet them personally,sometimes many guyz chat with u as a girl or vice versa so first of all do a webcam chat with the guy or gal and then go and meet him or her if u want to date him/her
@MsTickle (24992)
• Australia
2 Mar 07
You are so correct in your attitude, worries and fears. Your friend is a sleaze and a fool and a liar and a cheat. Does his wife know what he does? She has to be told. His type should not have a wife as he has broken his vows. He can also get caught very easily these days . He could even be one of those creeps who chats to young girls. Report him.