Communicable diseases

March 2, 2007 1:58am CST
Disease -causing germs proliferate in dirty surroundigns. one of these is the bacteria, which causes tetanus. An injured person can easily contact tetanus when the wound is left exposed in unclean surroundings. Files settle on, and breed extensively on the piles of garbage and animal dung. These files spread diseases like diarrhea. Mosquitoes, which breed in pools of stagnant water, infect us with malaria. Surroundings and the sources of water supply too become contaminated when people defecate in the open within the village, and do not cover the excreta with mud. Diarrhea, jaundice, and many such otehr harmful diseases can be transmitted through the contaminated water. When people defecate in the open, diseeases like typhoid spread easily from person to person. Small children are often allowed to defecate near their houses or along the sides of roads. There is a common misconception that the excreta of children is harmless and does not contain microorganisms. Germs, although not visible to our eyes, are always present in excreta. They can be transmitted from person to person through contaminated water, contaminated vegetables, dirty hands and through insects like cockroaches, files, worms etc.
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