ginger and its medicinal uses

March 2, 2007 3:11am CST
Ginger is a strengthning food that has long been used to maintain health. ginger has a long use of culinary and medicinal use in many asian countries. In ancient times Ginger was regarded as a gift from God. It was used to cleanse and keep warm the body. QUALITIES OF GINGER:- The major ingredients in ginger are terpenes and oleoresin called ginger oil. These and some other ingredients in ginger provide antiseptic, lymph cleansing, constipation relief and circulation qualities. QUALITIES:- 1. Ginger is good for the resperatory system. 2. It helps in fighting against flu andcolds. 3. Ginger offers substantial protection against heart and stroke attack due to its properties to prevent blood clotting. 4. Ginger is amultifaceted herb helping in fight against cardiowascular problems. 5. Relieves headaches and pains. 6. Good for upset stomach and indigestion. 7. Helpful in clearing sore throats. 8. Very effecient cleansing agent through bowels, kidneys and through skin. COLDS/FLU:- Ginger helps in killing influenza virus by improving our immune systems ability to fight against diseases. Also helpful in releiving headache. ARTHIRITIS:- Ginger root is a proven anti inflammatory agent useful for some arthiritis patients. WOMENS HEALTH:- Ginger root is useful for the uterus as well asthe intestinal cramps and also is helpful in menstural cramps. MORNING SICKNESS/BOWEL MOVEMENTS:- Ginger is one of the most useful herbal remedies to get rid of motion/morning sickness. INDIGESTION/STOMACH ACHE:- Ginger root increases the production of saliva in the mouth and there by dramatically increases digestive enzyme amylase in the saliva to additionally aid digestion. Ginger root also contains a very effective digestive enzyme zingibain.
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