Quiting Drug wasn't as difficult as you thought.

March 2, 2007 3:34am CST
O.K. i hope my topic here don't get deleted! I want to tell you all that i was really addicted to drug, yes, you can name them. Starting from class D to class A. I got addicted to all of them. Eating, pilling, smoking, snoring or even injecting! I did those with big group of friends..until one of my best mate got O.D.! It was a sad day...Then all of my friends get into deeper state, worst one, having more and more because we all thought we stressed from the loss of my mate. BUT! it was wrong, i lost 10 kg on my weight, i was so skinny and look awful. UNTIL, i went out one night, and started to drink and got really drunk. Normally, i had to take some drug in order to be able to go to sleep. But i got drunk instead and kept doing that for months. REALLY! you have to be strong and keep drinking alcohol, strong one such, whisky or tequila everyday until you get use to drunk feeling than stone feeling. This is how i manage to come out from drug world. And i'm now a clean person for 9 years, while sadly most of my friends who took drug with me all died from drug reasons. I hope you help anyone you know too, may be my way help..
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