maplestory account theft

March 2, 2007 4:44am CST
I played maplestory for about a month and oncce i got to level 30 i find that somebody steals my account i changed my password so they can not do anything but she changed my pin so i can not do anything either. hopefully i get the email from nexon soon. anybody had this happen to them? anybody want to shout at CuteMAddy (the account thief) for me lol
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@jeanlee (26)
• Singapore
23 Mar 07
what about emails? did you open any attachments from any emails? from what i understand, keyloggers are programs that remember your keystokes, like if you have it on your computer, and you happened to type in your ID and password, the program will remember them in the sequence you typed in on your keyboard
24 Mar 07
possibly ... big oops i hate hackers...
• Malaysia
27 Mar 07
No, actually maybe u traded somone and some pro hacker planted a keylogger somehow onto ur PC, and tracks your PIN, Login ID, Password etc. and as always, open e-mails from ppl u trust only.
28 Mar 07
ill be more carefull from now on but i sent an e-mail to customer support weeks ago and still have not got my reply back.
@jeanlee (26)
• Singapore
22 Mar 07
keyloggers are probably installed on your computer when you downloaded some programs, they don't have to be accessible to your keyboard
23 Mar 07
... i dont remember installing r downloading anything new or recent when this happened?
@msqtech (15226)
• United States
2 Mar 07
sounds vicious.
2 Mar 07
it was
• United States
29 Dec 10
That is why you should keep your password and pin to yourself. You brought it on yourself and you paid the price for it.
@jban0811 (98)
• Australia
21 Jun 08
Well, you should use the pin reset and get your account back by your email. If you forgot what email you used, just go into charge nexon cash, and then choose pay by cash on any amount. They show you the email they are going to send the receipt to which is the email you registered with. You can get that email back (it's relatively easy for some websites) and then there you go, you just go in and post the link in the message nexon sent you. You can log into the game and choose the pin again.
@timoboll (80)
• New Zealand
21 Jun 08
Hi, there's a really easy way to get accounts back. When you create a nexon account, it sets a page where you have to answer your last name, dob and answer a special question eg what's your pet's name? If you know all the answers and proceed, you can change your password. This way, even though they know your pin, they can't log in because they don't know your password. Then you go to your account info page and get a pin reset. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail. This way, the hacker can't change the pin since you ordered a pin reset, and even if they can, they can't log in in the first place since they don't know the password. After that, you log in and assign a new pin. I know this from experience. One day I logged on and all my items were gone and I was in the fm. The next day, I couldn't login at all. I tried a pin reset but the hacker got there before me so I changed the password above. I got my account back in the end!! XD
@hisoka147 (606)
• Philippines
6 Feb 08
That is a level 30 character that means you have reached your second job. It really takes a lot of time just to reach this kind of level then suddenly it was just hacked. Anyway, you have to be extra more careful next time not to be hacked again. Use a very powerful tool for anti virus because most password stealer this days uses key loggers.