Relationship with your partner....

March 2, 2007 6:17am CST
Me and my husband are bestfriend and lovers. We really don't have bestfriends besides each other, but we have close friends. We rarely go out with our friends. But we do always spend time with our daugthers and each other. Our center in our life is our family. We like to be with each other and with our daugthers.
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@wendy82 (437)
• United States
2 Mar 07
Yeah my relationship with my partner is similar because when he is not at work. We try to spend quality time together. But there is times that we have a friend come over but we stay close to home. But I am right now trying to get a job to do things because with his paycheck all we have money for is bills and gas for the car. But sometimes my friends and family are trying to come into the middle of the relationship. That the internet sometimes play a role in it. Because with his work schedule we hardly get to see one another. During the winter it is fine and wonderful but at the summer it is a crash because he goes in at the break of dawn and then doesnt come home till night time so we only get to sleep together. And it tears my relationship apart.
@ashok45 (74)
• India
2 Mar 07
we too are one another's best friends. that does not mean that everything is honey and teacle. we have our fights, sometime bitter. but deep in the heart we know we can not live without each other . no body believes that for the last 25 years we never left each other.and that does NOT bore either. because we love each other. incidentally we were married in 1969 and have two well placed and well behaved sons whose wives love us as much as they do their parents. we love them too. but only after each other
@hobohobo (681)
• Indonesia
2 Mar 07
nice to hear that, love each others being a good family, always together. I wish my family can be like your's
• United States
2 Mar 07
That's how it is with us too. My husband is my best friend. We don't live anywhere near family. It's just us. We also spend a lot of time at home with our son. Once awhile, we entertain friends or go over to a friend's place. It was harder when our son was younger to do those things but now that he's older, it's easier for us to go out more and do stuff.