ZOMBIE really exist..?

@rozebara (139)
March 2, 2007 8:06am CST
I heared and i read some issues regarding about the practice somewhere in africa which they use some voodoo power using by some tribes over there, that they can bring life after death? and i saw some news in the internet that there's one person living by that kind of power the only problem is that person live in the dark places no internal organ i wonder how can this person still alive...What can you say about this kind of practice is there a big posibility that zombie exist...?
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@Flexxx (103)
• South Africa
2 Mar 07
Yes... Zombies do exist. Zombies are usually used as slaves for witches. They have no emotion or feeling and do as they're told by their master/mistress. I know many people in the developed world still do not believe in witchcraft, voodoo etc but it's there... believe it or not.
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