You Like Money?? Why??

March 2, 2007 8:55am CST
If you noticed, in the internet, there have million website will provide help or sell somthing just for money. how about you? you like money?? hehe
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2 Mar 07
who doesnt sweetheart??! isnt that why YOU are here??! itsnt it why almost every1 is here??! they dont say 'money makes the world go round' for nothing lol!! im was here for the money...but now i dont care much....i m addicted!! i love getting responses....its gr8 fun!! ^_^ u are new here....d/w u ll get addicted soon cheerz ^_^
• Malaysia
2 Mar 07
haha.. thats great. even me for the forst time join here for money. but after a i get started, i feel addicted like you. first maybe when i writing, i can improve my language, writing. but sometimes have brekon emglish i used. i'm malay. at least, i more confident to talk with people that i never know, and i have confident to writing english. however, nowadays, money important because if you want to do something, you will ned money. even you want to go to the toilet also you need to have money. haha. see. how the powerful of money.
7 Mar 07
what arsilly question...hehehe...sorry... of course la love money... with money i can buy anything i want.. no need to borrow from others... :))