How could someone do this?

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March 2, 2007 9:00am CST
Okay i know you cant read peoples mind or say why things happen but maybe youmight have a clue cuz i dont.Well i was in a relationship for 7 yrs.I have a 2 yr old child with this person.In our relationship we have had some really really hard times.Things that i dont think other relationships couldve survived.We loved eachother SO much and i still love him with every cell in my body.Well fo rthe past few months he's been really messing up.Let me remind you he's a grown man(30 yrs old)Hes been taking off for weeks and binge drinking and even using drugs.Well recently he was all high on coke,weed and alcohol and he did something really stupid.I left him and he couldnt handle it so he broke my windows.He knows im am sooo mad about this and i told him i could never forgive him.This was a week ago.Well since then he hasnt tried to contact me or his son in any way.Instead he acts like we never existed.Of course hes wanted by the cops right now bcuz idid call the cops and he was on probation.So yes i know hes hiding.But if we shared something so special and had the love we had(you had to seen what weve been through and seen us to witness our bond)Hoe could he just disappear from our lives?Things have happened before where we seperated and we had problems BUT he always called to see how me and his son was doing.It just hurts and i dotn understand the situation at all.My son sees pictures of him and gets soo happy(they are really close)and everytime i get him from the daycare van "daddy" is the first word out of his mouth.It hurts to know he can not only do this to me but our son too.I know he loves at least our son to death.Well if someone has experienced this or has a clue can you plz explain this to me cuz im lost.
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@tinam13 (840)
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2 Mar 07
it seems like he really took advantage of ur trust in him, how long uve been together. by now he probably just thought that the love was so strong he could never mess up bad enough to actually make u so mad to want nothing to do with him. he did something really stupid, i kno, but he probably feels like a real jackass right now.
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22 Mar 07
yeah its been 3 weeks and i think he finally realizes im not his bi%^h anymore.I know he regrets but its too late for that.He just got arrested this morning for some things hes done to me in the past few weeks.Hell be there for a long time.So he has nothing but time to sit and think.