How much is too much? Candy

@anij34 (317)
United States
March 2, 2007 9:51am CST
We are very strict with candy. Infact, we probably still have Halloween candy from two years ago because we really don't eat it often. After awhile my hubby takes it to work to rot his co-workers teeth. My daughter is allowed maybe one or two pieces of candy a week...strict I know but her teeth are beautiful. At our old church this grandfather would always have a pocket full of candy to keep his grandkids quiet. He started giving my daughter candy and I looked at her and said, "Now what do you do with it?". She put it in her pocket to eat after lunch. The man was SHOCKED. "She actually waits till after lunch?". I said, "Yup, thats our rule". He said that he wished his grandkids did that. Made me smile....feels good when your kids follow the rules!!
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2 Mar 07
My parents were also very strict with candy. When we wentr trick or treating, we only got to have 2 oieces of candy a day, one after luncha nd one after dinner, and we also had great teeth, however, one of my brothers went wild when he was old enough and ate tons of candy and said it was because we didn't get a lot of it when we were younger, and now he has plenty of cavities. The dentist always told me that it doesn't matter if you eat one or ten pieces of candy as long as you brush your teeth after. So, I think that I will be somewhere in between, not really strict with it, but not too lax either. I don't want my kids to go crazy when they get older, I have some friends that also did this.
@kahlana (58)
• United States
2 Mar 07
Wow that's so great that your child actually listens and follows your rules. you need a reward for that one lol. My son doesn't get to eat that much candy if any in a week lol cause he's always in trouble for misbehaving.
@GuateMom (1411)
• Canada
2 Mar 07
My parents didn't allow us any candy except maybe once a year. If we were given candy at any other time, we were allowed to use it as cash, giving it to my mom to "pay" for a favorite dessert, like peach cobbler or peanut butter balls. I think it was a good way to do things because it didn't make us feel too deprived, but kept us healthy! None of us had a single cavity until we grew up and started eating candy and drinking soda.