Why Aren't Women Important?

March 2, 2007 12:05pm CST
I know this in America and all(Ireland,Germany ) women are supposed to have the same rights as men,and they do.But in all Books I've read and movies I've seen ,woman are'nt the important people. I see it a lot in the Bible .I know Mary delivered the most important person in the world And there is may be one or more important women.Why so few? I'm not critisising God .I'm not even saying he is wrong.I just wanna know why men are so apecial?
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@nill_07 (1104)
• Bangladesh
2 Mar 07
Whole over the world women are fighting for their rights i think they are critisising themselv by doing this. Men & women are different from their structure & personally i believe that their needs & rights should be different from men except humanity.Never women would try to acuare rights of men it will be so so better if they try only to acuare their rights.Islam(religion) gives the right solution of women rights.Islam says "if your father & mother simultaneously call you severel times then first three times response to your mother then father".Islam also says "Heaven of child is under the foot of mother".You may know more about women right from "Quran" & "Hadis". Quran-The word of Allah Hadis-The word of Hazrat Mohammad(Sollellahu Alihis Salam)