Snake Imagery in Dreams

March 2, 2007 1:21pm CST
The last time I dreamt about a snake it was one that chased me and was about to attack me when I woke up. It's supposed to be a symbol of illness and deception and sure enough afterwards, I became very ill with M.E. The other night I dreamt that a poisonous snake bit my partner and then the snake turned into one of my close friends. I'm really paranoid now. Could it mean something as well?
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2 Mar 07
hello Ph-- i am very superstitious and i am told alot i am good at dreams. so here's my oppinion i hope it helps. are you afraid of snakes? first of all i think some where deep down you are and that is why your brain is using a dangerous snake as "the bad guy here" second the snake biting your partner then turning into your best friends i think means a few different things, does this friend ither talk bad about your partner or have some kind of hate for your partner choice? or do you feel some kind of conflict between the two? i could almost bet that there is something underlying that you probably already know or suspision. anything from your friend or partner having a dislike for one another or is it possible your friend in some way might be out to take your partner. but i think in some way you have a fear there that wether good or bad that there is something, watch for signs and do a little looking for yourself, if you have to talk to your partner and friend and ask how they feel about each other, this could be nothing more than your fear of neglecting your friendship with your best friend. i hope i help -later.
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3 Mar 07
Thank you for responding. I can't think that there's any tension between the two, but I am on my guard about something possibly manifesting. I'm not overly afraid of snakes, but I probably wouldn't pet one either. I'm much more paranoid about them since my premonitive dream about one before I got ill.
@murtwot (206)
13 Mar 07
sounds like a pretty phallic dream
14 Mar 07
Only if you're not of the opinion that Freud was full of hooey. ;)
@murtwot (206)
14 Mar 07
@Tetchie (2933)
• Australia
17 Apr 07
I've never heard of snakes representing illness. More the other way around. Snakes in dreams can mean a spiritual awakening and the snake has long been a symbol of healing. The two intertwined snakes on Hermes's staff used as the symbol of the medical profession tends to indicate healing and not illness, this is the intention. When the snake arises it can be symbolic for the rising of the kundalini energy in Hindu teachings. The interesting, or paradoxical experience after having this dream experience (ie kundalini awakening) is that a release takes place, and this release can mean a release of tension. Tension releases can create illnesses such as a cold or similar. It's the body's way of clearing toxins or blocks from the body. I had a snake dream, I will never forget it. I was not ill afterwards but it was the start of a very sincere spiritual awakening.
17 Apr 07
Thank you for sharing that. It's a point of view I hadn't considered before and it's really interesting. I will definitely give it some thought.
@piyush31 (273)
• India
18 May 07
According to ancient Hindu tradition the dream of snake, if it occurs regularly, can be due to Kaalsarpa Yog according to Horoscope. Due to this yog a person is not able make use of his full potentialities. His talents are not evaluated properly. To get relieved from this... aperson has to give some charity and chant a mantra on a particular day of the year. thanks
@EvanHunter (4028)
• United States
13 May 07
I think any dream that really bothers us has deep meaning. Dreams are our subconcious minds way of telling us that there is something wrong or that we are ignoring in the waking world. I have had quite a few dreams that were prophetic and others that were things I was just too blind to see or admit to myself.