Just started playing final fantasy 12

March 2, 2007 6:25pm CST
Just started afew days ago played a few hours. Although alot of the start it seems like mostly movie sequences i thought the game is so far good. The battle system is difficult to get used to and im not sure whether i prefer it over ff10 to behonest. But thats one of my problems when giving opinions on the game as i thought ff10 was amazing and i keep comparing 12 to 10 so i may be dissaponted but so far it looks pretty good. What do you think?
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@jwm244 (69)
• Canada
8 Dec 09
Hmm, how would one summarize Final Fantasy XII ? In my raw opinion, Final Fantasy XII is a truly innovative game in terms of: the Licence System for character customization, the 'free-roaming' (what I call it anyway, or describe it as) battle system...It is really the Gambit Battle System, and the way that you explore the environments. Each of these important and life-giving attributes of the game itself create an immersive world in which makes you explore, and in the long run allows the player to finally feel as if they are a part of the game's universe. I can agree with a couple people on here in regards to the characters and how stale they seem to be portrayed. Sometimes when I play a Final Fantasy, I just love to explore, battle, and enjoy the atmosphere of the game itself. Who cares about the story for me, I just want to play a game where I can interact and collect Gil/ Money. For those who have not played/ tried the game yet, the story is basically about a war, and the tribulations of the main characters intertwining their destinies within the the said war. In the whole broad spectrum of it all, you are saving the world from a strong force which threatens the very balance of the massive world. The very beginning of the game lays out the entire conflict in question for you, then the future events unfold. It seems as if every time a new Final Fantasy comes out, there is a constant evolution of the whole Menu System, and the battle configuration. In Final Fantasy XII's case, there is a Licence System which is how you learn your skills, abilities, magic, and even to learn how to equip weapons and accessories. As mentioned in an earlier post, that sounds kind of stupid, but in the end somehow the idea of making a choice as to what character wields what weapons are available on the Licence Board makes you kind of consider the way that you play this RPG. Square Enix must get thousands of requests or suggestions from their Beta testers, fans, and generally the developers and programmers to shape each Final Fantasy. You could almost say that Final Fantasy is primarily shaped by the players who buy the titles. That is a big cue for this series success over the last few years. Having that depth of strategy proves that games are becoming a little more intelligent, and less button mashing. For an RPG of this particular nature, having a strategy is a major core component of Final Fantasy XII. I say that strategy is important in this game because the vast majority of an RPG in my experience with a couple of them, is the fact that in order to improve your characters attributes, you are essentially in battle. Battles are a staple in RPGs, and in the end evoke your success and ease of completing the game. Final Fantasy XII holds no exceptions to this idea, for the challenges that await in the meat of the game need a huge amount of strength from each of the characters in order for the player to beat the game. Final Fantasies have advanced dramatically, and I'm sure that millions of other players can endorse such a meaningful fact. In the end, Final Fantasy XII is not totally an utter waste of anyone's time. I cannot tell you to play this game and love it to bits. Everyone plays different games according to what each player admires, or wants to experience within an RPG. Give the game a shot, and perhaps play Final Fantasy VII to get used to what RPGs are. After all, my very first RPG ever was FFVII, and that game is a renowned classic for so many. So is FFVIII, X, etc. RPGs are meant to be involving, intuitive, and vast games, both in play structure, and in ease of control of the characters and menu functions. Final Fantasy XII has an awesome, easy to use menu interface both in battle and in the Main Menu Function. Give this RPG a shot. That is how you yourself can truly know what makes you love what you play.
@Fargale (760)
• Brazil
5 Mar 07
I've played about 50 hours of FF12 so far... but I'm taking my time. For now, it seems like the battle system is the greatest attractive of the game. The story has been lukewarm at best, but I still hope I'll be surprised before the end. The characters, save a few exceptions, aren't very charismatic or deep. The main protagonist is as charismatic as a wooden board, to be frank. But the Licenses system is cool, even if the fact that you have to train to know how to wear a hat is... bizarre. But it works fairly well. The hardest part is that the game is extremely stingy with money, and forces you to grind constantly in order to afford the best equipment. All in all, it has been an average game so far. There are better RPGs for the PS2 (Valkyrie Profile 2 is my main example nowadays).