what is printer spool?

March 2, 2007 9:15pm CST
anyone from this community knows what printer spooling? because i could not install a printer or connect to a network printer here in my office. the system says that the printer spooler service is not running. pls help me out guys.
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• United States
3 Mar 07
Are you talking about sharing a printer with other users in a corporate setting or in a home office? Are you trying to install the printer at your desk or is it a shared printer in a copy room somewhere?If you have a printer that you are connecting directly to your computer's printer port, did it come with an installation CD? Use that to guide the installation for an individual computer not a networked one. A printer spool is a waiting area where multiple jobs sent to a printer at one time (sometimes from different users )wait "for their turn" (in a memory storage program) to be printed. If you are in a corporate setting your IT dept should be able to give you instructions for mapping to a particular printer. If this is at home usually the printer is not on a network it is local.
• Philippines
4 Mar 07
yes i have tried all of that but i still get the same results, i really cant install the printer in my computer or in my network, i could not share either, my system is xp service pack 2 home edition and it has an error in it that says the system could not open the printer spooler and it will be terminated. that is what it says in my system.