A Fair Review ... Are You Getting One?

United States
March 2, 2007 9:57pm CST
currently I am a writer on fanstory.com. I feel like I am in fact making progress ... however I find it questionable that a writer in the first place position can maintain that position while not acknowledging reviews of her work nor giving reviews of others work, unless she has a petitioned fan base. IE: "Friends" or "Self". Many of the reviews you read of her work are by people that have not written but only reviewed? Which in my opinion makes it questionable. What do you think? I would me intrigued for writers of any genre on any site to reply. Are you getting a fair review? What is your opinion? Are the top ranked writers signed up with more than one screen name? Are the petitioning their friends to vote? Or are you simply being judged fairly and take a critics advice with a grain of salt?
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