How Long Can You Keep One In Your Mouth?

@ljcapps (1926)
United States
March 2, 2007 11:45pm CST
Okay, i'll admit. that looks bad. However, i got that title out of Nickelodeon magazine that we get for our son, and yes, it's talking about sour candy. but my first thought was not one that leapt to thinking about candy, i'll admit. So what about you, when you hear something similiar, is your first thought clean?
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@brokentia (10396)
• United States
3 Mar 07 first though was a Fireball hard candy. Because please do not ask me to try to keep one of those in my mouth. One, I don't like them. And two, I am not big on hot candy. But the sour candy....I am pretty good about. It is making my mouth water as I am thinking about it. LOL But I have also found that if I eat too much of it, it actually starts to hurt my mouth. Another one of those times when I realize how sensitive my body is. ha ha But since I am no longer allowed to have candy, it will no longer be an issue. :)
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@ljcapps (1926)
• United States
25 Mar 07
I'm allergic to cinnamon so i don't mess around with fireballs either. I have to admit, my first thought wasn't candy. LOL i thought geez, what the heck is an add like that doing in a children's magazine?? But thinking about it i can see where the idea came from for sour candy, personally i love sour candy. It might be my down fall.
7 Apr 07
right now i got some etables which use to mix with slaiva thats why u have written for how much time you can keep it in mouth as it might be like for how much time you resist your temptation but i will admit that i do sometimes found something dirty in my mind reading all these things as it simply depends on your mood or work you have done just before