it hurts deep inside...

March 2, 2007 11:49pm CST
i have my baby with me while i am eating lunch, suddenly my cousin get my baby and went outside.she went to my other cousin's house. and then she cameback with my baby crying out loud, i asked her and she said,his uncle carry my baby and he was so scared of his uncle. i get my baby and when i see his forehead there is a little bump on it.i just stay quiet, i nevr said any word, but deep in my mind and deep in my heart, i know,my baby's little cousin hit him in his forehead, because he always do that when he is here at home.i felt hurt. knowing that my cousin is lying ang she doesn't want me to get angry. how about you? would you feel the same?
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3 Mar 07
Your baby has no voice so you are his voice. If someone took my son and brought him back with a bump on his head I would definitly find out what happened and make sure it never happens again. That is something you have the right to be angry about and your cousin deserves to get yelled at. What if he fell and has a concussion or some serious injury? Or was hit with something really hard? I wouldn't care what anyone thought, he's your baby.
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