A product for baby eczema that works

United States
March 3, 2007 12:36am CST
I know that eczema is common for alot of babies. My baby had some eczema on his tummy and the sides of his legs. My baby's pedi. told me to use eucerin cream mixed along with some steroid cream but I dont like to use prescriptives unless absolute necessary. I tried the eucerin cream but that did nothing for my baby. I then tried a product called Renew lotion. After the first day it was almost completely gone. A friend had reccommended it when her baby also had eczema. I heard that even another pedi. reccommended it too. Its a natural lotion so it is safe for the entire family and gentle enough to use on your baby's skin. I just wanted to let any mothers who are having problems with their baby's eczema to let you know there is a great product that really works, and I also use it on my skin which is really dry too.
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