annoying customers

March 3, 2007 1:59am CST
I used to work in a coffee shop for 2 years. There were many incidents that happened. Two of them stick in my mind, the first one is that i was serving my girlfriends mother an iced coffee, and i somehow managed to trip over and spill most of it on her mother...... that was seriously embaressing. The second was that a group of guys came walking in and wanted some coffee, so they sat down and start to smoke. (we had a no smoking policy) anyway the manager was talking with them and told them off for smoking, but when he left they lit up again. It was really annoying...... I would love to hear if similiar experences in any industry or job
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@senses (840)
• Philippines
3 Mar 07
I am working as editor-in-chief in our yearbook for our school and I deal a lot of people. Different kinds of people with different attitude. I guess we must know how to adopt with them. Let us just be flexible. Let accept the reality that we are different from each other. Hope you will learn to be flexible, just don't mind them. Enjoy life!
• United States
3 Mar 07
I use to work at Walmart and I had a customer I showed where one thing was and he said, "Since you seem to know your way around this store well, help me find everything on my list." I literally I walked around the whole store with him showing him where everything was. He was appreciative, but bosses don't see you do something nice for a customer like that. They just see you didn't finish your projects on time. :P I also was a waitress at a Pizza restraunt. I had a girl who didn't want a certain ingrediant in her salad dressing. I literally had to find the ingredient list to every dressing and bring it to her. Every dressing had that ingredient in it except for the bottle of Italian we kept to make our pasta salads. I ended up giving that to her and it was the right pasta. We were SO BUSY that day I was getting behind on everything for that table and I got a rotten
@chloe9013 (532)
3 Mar 07
i work in a supermarket and we get the odd irritating/arrogant customer a day. The ones that frustrate me the most are the ones that break something on the floor and just leave it and not tell anyone.. or drop it behind products on the shelves. VERY anoying!