SORRY... the most abuse word we use?

@senses (840)
March 3, 2007 2:22am CST
Our teacher told us that sorry is the most abuse word use! Do you agree to this? How sincere are you when you say sorry?
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@chloe9013 (532)
3 Mar 07
I say sorry over 30 times a day at work out of pure habit. Although most of the time i tend to mean it even though it's automatic. And i agree that it is, I find most people are programed to say it to be polite and such.. but deep down couldn't give a rats bottom.
@graham31 (487)
3 Mar 07
Sorry is easy to say but do people really mean what they say.People just use the word to appez loved ones cause they know it will get them back in their good books.It's said to often without any sinserity in my view
@Drazzilb (308)
• Canada
3 Mar 07
It would depend on the situation but for me 90% of the time it is sincere. Only time when it was not was when I was a kid at school and got into a fight and the teacher made me say sorry.