Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse... part II

March 3, 2007 2:47am CST
Thanks all of you somuch for your advice and support concerning my 16yr old and his girlfriend and their pregnancy. Four days on and I am still crying... it's all gone crazy; my ex hit the roof and has offered the girl money to have an abortion, her father found out and went round to see my ex, they had a fight, the police were called out, the girlfriend as far as I can see is 'loving' it all because it's all about her and my son looks like his head is going to explode... I am off on holiday next week, so have told them both to come and stay here without any 'adults' ( everyone else seems to be acting like children in all of this!!) and can have some peace and quiet and decide what to do wihout any more stress, he has told her he wants to stay with her but wants to have children when they are both sorted and she is saying she wants to keep it because she is a Catholic (which I find offensive as she did not have a First Holy Communion and doesn't ever go to church!!) .... I have to say that everytime I stop crying and think I can deal with this, I am fine for a couple of minutes but then I start again... I had to walk out of work and have been threatened with the sack if I don't go back, but how can I talk to clients when I am an emotional wreck? I am on contract so can't afford to take time off or lose my job, but everytime I think how hard it's going to be for those two, living on a shoestring and with a little baby... I shuddder...
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