do you think postgraduate study is necessary ?

March 3, 2007 4:20am CST
i am considering to take one. However, it seems to be very tough, and i do not know whether should sacrifice that much for something not necessarily promising anything for your future. What do you think ?
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@iamnes (325)
• Philippines
4 Jun 08
i think it depends on your profession, purpose of study and goals in life. in post graduate, you will be exposed to actual scenarios and cases that you will analyze and test with the several quantitative aids that will be further taught to you. you will be trained to become a better decision-maker by teaching you all the important aspects that should be considered in making a sound judgment, ex. ethics, organization behavior, operations research, others... it is really tough to pursue, take it as a big challenge. a big step in your life as whole and not only in the professional aspect. i think every time and money used with further studies are worthwhile because the long-term benefits will be very pleasing!
• China
4 Jun 08
I think it is necessary.When i am in univeicity,i didn't find the importance of study.i often was considering i had wasted of my pretty time.But when i am going to leave school and go to work,i find i have many important knowleage haven't studied.TRUST ME!The univercity's time is so important to improve your ability.I am doing internship now,and i often find the shortage of profession......
3 Jun 08
Jesus save us.
@bigfelah (73)
• New Zealand
3 Mar 07
Go for it, if thats what you want! From my experience when I was an operations manager in a huge organisation postgraduate papers do make a huge difference. I'm refering to pay and as well as position. I realise that this is not the case in every firm but for starters in the big ones it certainly does. It puts you on a whole new level of classification which could mean a difference of thousands between you and someone else with the same role. It could also be the deciding factor between you and someone else for a promotion. The truth is that while you can go far without having papers to back you up, the reality is that the world does not ignore the fact that you do, or fail to treat you accordingly. All the best!!