want help in adding google adsence on my blog.

@sahyd2don (2948)
March 3, 2007 5:00am CST
I have created a blog http://www.all4beauty.blogspot.com/(firest page) i have added google adsense code in it sucessfully. I made other post using the same blog account and gave link of http://www.all4beauty1.blogspot.com/ (second page)on http://www.all4beauty.blogspot.com/ (firest page) and when i want to add google adsense on http://www.all4beauty1.blogspot.com/ (second page)its not accepting it please help me.on second pade to add google adsense i am using page elements tab and am clicking on add a page element adsensesave changes .Its giving error please correct the errors on this form.
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