i earned $.16 on first day. how is it?

@abhi333 (407)
March 3, 2007 6:14am CST
i've just started on mylot. i've no referral or friend and i earned $.16 on my first day. is it average for a first day or below avg.?
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• India
3 Mar 07
It is a good earning on my first day I have made $.12 and it was made by me by lots of effort because at that time I don't know about Mylot too much now I have $1.01 after 14 days, now u should carry on to make more money.
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@lenywp (1964)
• Australia
6 Mar 07
In my opinion, it is just about average. I earn approximately/on average 5 cents a day, which isn't really much, but that is when I participate only a little. If I am very active on the day, I will usually get a bit over 30 cents.
@hobohobo (681)
• Indonesia
3 Mar 07
well in my opinion that was a good erning, in my first day i only get $0.10, i hope you can get better next time, keep responses the discussion with the good sentences so if you get best response it will make you earn more money
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3 Mar 07
Thats similar to what i made on my first day, i made $.19 on my first day so i would say most people on their first day make around that much on their first day
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