Philippines to be colonized by United States, would you?

March 3, 2007 6:24am CST
Would you like to have a decent job? Would you like to have a comfortable life? Traveling to US territory with less expense? Urbanized Philippines country? Would you like to eat your pride just to be colinized by US again? Is the US we're the only hope for this problem encountered now with the Filipinos (Politics, Crime, Corruption, Unemplyoment, etc.) My answer will be maybe Yes!
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• Philippines
5 Mar 07
we don't need any colonization from other countries, did other southeast asain countries fell for america to become was the people who help build the country like singapore...the problem here in our country is us we always go to rally and wants to oust every president who sits at malacanang...come on...wake up is us that needs to change not the government...
• Philippines
5 Mar 07
DO you think it still possible? or too late for them to change? Imagine on the year 1980's the dollar to peso convertion was P12 to $1 and after 27 yrs it was still on P48+ per dollar. too bad!
• Philippines
4 Mar 07
Everybody wants to have comfortable life.If this country would be under US regime,Filipinos can easily secure US VISA. we can travel freely to US with no denial at all.speaking of pride,we already swallowed that thing a long time ago. Filipinos are known for patronizing goods from other country, we prefer to buy imported goods than locals,so where is the pride from those??this country,as I see it, is a big trash can of politics..25 years from now ,there will be civil war and i think that's the only way to eradicate wrong political ideologies and political pigs.The government cannot attain success until such time these things be removed from our system.
@vehaileairu (2286)
• Philippines
3 Mar 07
our country - needs alliance and strong forces of US
i think we are desperate and very in need to transform better.. its the best way i can suggest, its getting pathetic we all end up in dept and large politician craps and money plunder money laundry issues, and pork barrels as well.. i think its time to be awaken, we urgently need a stabilized government, not the one we had, we need a strong alliance and foundation, thats why im not against it... but well know lawyers wont like this, so as the legislative and other political arena people.. take care^_^