Why do humans have the tendency to hide their feelings........

@lenith (1222)
March 3, 2007 8:23am CST
Why do humans have the tendency to hide their feelings from someone they really care about? Why do we always feel strange inside when we're trying to show our love to someone?
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• India
3 Mar 07
'fear' of loosing him/her makes us do such uncanny things! 'love' is a beautiful emotion which should obviously flow out if one wants it to blossom! but make sure those feelings are from both sides unless you will create a rift in your friendship also. there are people who show off their feelings quite well(depending on the situation),so yours is a flawed assumption that people hide their feelings. we have are parents with whom we gel very well and we always show them how much we love or care them and vice versa. so it mainly depends on the nature that you possess(shy or outspoken) and also on the situation(if its parents or your dream man...for whom you aren't quite sure if he/she loves you)!in that case hiding your feelings is the best option though its quite painful.
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
3 Mar 07
I guess to protect themselves, from being hurt and/or made a fool of...being very open about your feelings leaves you very vunerable and sometimes getting to the stage of not caring about the vunerablity does come until one is a little older, then you have earned to right not to have to worry about it....