Is there a haunted house near you? Tell us about it and maybe send a picure.

Haunted House - This is called Deanne House. For years it is believed that this house is haunted.

In the Spring and Summer they serve brunch here. But at odd hours it is said that many people have seen the outline of a shadowy figure in the top right hand window. 

I run past here many times and I always look and maybe one day I will be rewarded with a glimpse of my first ghost.
March 3, 2007 10:35am CST
I think almost every city has some sort of old house that people believe is haunted. Maybe something sinister happened there years ago. Like perhaps a mysterious death. Or possibly a home was built on a sacred burial ground and the ghosts of long dead people are not too happy about it. Do you know of a haunted house? Do you have a picture to share?
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@cristi12 (378)
• Romania
3 Mar 07
In my city there's this house... I wish I had a picture of it, it's so old and worn down! The saying goes that there was a family which lived there, and they killed their children. It's abandoned now, and even though it's close to the town center, nobody want's to buy that spot. Homeless people don't even dare to sleep there, they say if you try to sleep one night there you can't. You hear criyng and stuff... very chilling. Some friend of mine was dared once to spend one night there, in return for 3000E. He didn't do it.
• Canada
3 Mar 07
Wow! Great story. I think there is some truth to haunted houses. It happens way to often to be made up every single time.
@sj_chaudhry (1537)
• Canada
3 Mar 07
at my home my native country ..our house was haunted... we expereinced lots of unnatural things... which i already mentioned in other discussions aswell. like noises, shutting doors, droping of objects... and amny others..but my family still living there among them...heheheh i think those ghosts are friendly one as they didnt harm anybody. but time to time they do show their existence among us.
@CyTop86 (71)
• Malaysia
16 Mar 07
From my experienced, i've live in Kuching, one of the state of Sarawak in Malaysia. I've been to a house which is abandoned and nobody would like to near it. First time while i've been there was cheated from my friends to have an adventure. After the 1st time with no result, my friends and i going to have few times more adventures there, also to frighten some of our female friends. A night after a night being there for adventures. One night, we felt very cold there, heard some weired sounds which we doesnt experience before while we been there. Suddenly we saw something behind but dissapeared. Someone ran past in front of our car. Someone knocking our car. Someone trying to pull us from the car. A lot of weired feelings... Everyone start getting nervous and scared... RUN!!! We got out from there and wont be getting near there since the experienced.