So you think you are _____? Part 3

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March 3, 2007 11:41am CST
Insert any affiliation on the line, political, religious, or non-religious. What is an inalienable right that all humans have? I believe that a misconduct of a person in power should be made known and that an offender should be held accountable for the violation against the civil rights of the individuals of any country. A violation against the United States Constitution by any American leader is a type of torture for the innocent victim. How can the body politic turn a blind eye to egregious violations against the moral and ethical code of conduct that they are all sworn to uphold? A violation of the 1st amendment should raise eyebrows all around the world... Free speech does not give anyone the right to lie!
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3 Mar 07
99.9% of all politicians violate the constitution. The only ones who don't are the true libertarians. If you want a leader who upholds the constintiution then do what you can to get Ron Paul the Republican nomination.
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4 Mar 07
I know little about Ron Paul, would you care to share?