@wendy82 (437)
United States
March 3, 2007 5:48pm CST
Say you were seeing this guy. You and him were actually dating. You go to his work to pick him up because he asked you too. But while you are waiting for him. His ex girlfriedn shows up there. And he introduces you as a friends. And he tells you to go sit with her until he is done. Do you? Or do you sit somewhere else? So if you sit with her and he comes to sit with you too. She gets up and go to the restroom and come back and tells your man that she dropped her quarter in the toilet and he gets up to get it and she laughs and he hits her on the butt. Do you say something to him about it? Do you get up and leave? What do you do? But after you leave the restaurants he is all kissing up to you. Do you allow it or do you tell him how you feel?
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@graham31 (487)
3 Mar 07
Comin from a mans point of view you tell him your not happy with what just happened.If he likes you or even loves you he will understand were your coming from and it won't happen again. But if you go down this road be ready for some heartache cause it sounds like the 2 of them still love each other. Why fall out way someone then show up at their work?Just don't buy it.You break all your ties
@wendy82 (437)
• United States
4 Mar 07
Yeah I am in love with him. But I care so deeply. But because I did not open up and tell him how I felt he put our relationship down to friendship so I thought it was over so I went back to my ex boyfriend.