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March 3, 2007 8:37pm CST
Just wandering if it's just me or if anyone else feels like the schools these days are not doing as much with their students as they should be ??? Some of the teachers don't seem to care about the students anymore they just pass them on to get rid of them and thats not fair ... My son has a little boy in his second grade class that was just put back into kindergarten at the beginning of the year because he couldn't even spell his name and the parents wanted to know why teachers were passing him anyway , the little boy was put into special education for more one on one ... wonder why the schools and teachers are like that for ???
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• Canada
4 Mar 07
The shcools don't seem to focus on the things they should or the way they did when I was in school . My son is in grade 6 this year and is still just learning to read . I have noticed for years that he was struggling and brought this up many times at parent teacher meetings and was always told they didn't want to affect a child's self esteem that it was more important for them to have good self esteem and the rest they would learn eventually . I didn't agree yet each year he kept being bopped up and this year after taking him to a doctor and finally having someone get on the ball and help me fight they have now realized that he does have learning difficulties and should never have been put in the french program that we put him in but now it is too late to put him in English because he lost to much in the younger grades and can't do any better in English then in French so now he is being put on a special program for one on one , which I am really glad about as now he is finally getting some help . But all this time was wasted when they were more worried about self esteem then they were about the skills he had to read or write and this will always affect him . I always felt that if he got older and couldn't read or write this would affect his self esteem as well but they didn't agree at the time , and now it is to late to go back and change things . Also if they had paid more attention and sent him to be tested because he was falling behind they would have known then that he has problems with his speech that affected his ablitly to ever learn the French program . But what parents do and say does affect many of the programs they have in place for children including the whole self esteem things and it is now hurting our children as they are not learning to read and write because they have to follow strict guidelines when they are teaching weather they agree with it or not . My son's teacher that he has now is the only one who ever listened to me when I said there was a program yet she was unable to do something on her own and needed the help of the doctor my son is seeing to be able to prove there was a problem because they don't like to get involved wiyt the older children , they would rather of found it when they were yonunger and take it from there , without the help of the doctor , I never would have been able to recieve the help my child needs as now grade 6 is considered too old to be able to help , even though it was there fault when they pushed him ahead and said don't worry about it , that he would pick on this stuff when he was older .
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5 Mar 07
Thanks for the comment , I hope that your getting your son all the help that he needs , and best wishes for him in the near future ...Angel
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7 Jul 07
Education starts at home. That is my first thought. Whyw as the child not able to write his name when he went to kindergarten? His parents should have taught him that. Secondly, teachers pass students because they are told to. You should take those kinds of things up with the school system and school board, as teachers have less control than you think. We are told not to fail students.