March 4, 2007 12:05am CST
If anyone is interested on the topic, please post information related to the subject here. Has 'anyone' on the board ever witnessed or been able to display this mind of matter psychokinesis? You know, move something with your mind? I've often sit down concentrating on a piece of paper or something and tried to make it move ... it seems I waste my time a lot.
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@aries_0325 (3062)
• Philippines
4 Mar 07
I have moved my psi-wheel almost every time i sat down and tried to move it. a psi-wheel is basically a piece of paper folded up to sit on top of a pin and spin around. i can allso spin it under a glass, and roll light objects like straws and sometimes pencils... but yea, thats Telekinesis and everybody has the power to do it. All it is is willpower and practice.