great love life and good career: isnt impossible to have then both?

March 4, 2007 6:35am CST
Im having difficult time thinking about this matter since im in a long time relationship right now at the same time, an account manager in a IT company.. sometimes i felt i cant handle this both... there are times that i need to go out of the country for an official business trip but my bf will get mad at me... there are times that my bf and i are feeling so much inlove with each other and suddenly i will have a big problem with regards to my jobs that if ever i try to fix it, it will cause harm to my present relationship.. its really a heck to handle this both...
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@morocz66 (121)
• Romania
5 Mar 07
someone said that a man can choose to have a happy life or a life with meaning you cant have both because if you live for happiness than you only think of the present and to make the best of it if not you struggle, and woory about your future and past i think its the same here
• Philippines
4 Mar 07
Earlier today I reading a gossip column about movie stars who break up because they don't have time for each other because of their jobs. Most of the people would also say that you cant really have both - a good love life and a good career. I think otherwise. You can have a good love life and a good job. For me, it all boils down with setting of expectations and having good communication with your partner. A good job shouldn't keep you apart. My boyfriend and I have our own careers and we are both busy. But make sure we have time for each other. Before I got my job, we had a good long talk about the things that'll come and how we can overcome it. Talk to your boyfriend. Make time for each other at least once a week. I sometimes kidnap my boyfriend for lunch when I know Id be busy the entire day. Call and text every once in a while so that you both would know that you are still there. Hope this helps.
@MsTickle (24983)
• Australia
4 Mar 07
A management position requires a level head and a degree of maturity that I don't think you have. Your friend also sounds insecure and unstable, selfish and immature. He's holding you back and dragging you down to his level. You must know this is true deep down. Your job shouldn't interfere with your personal life and vice versa. I know you have the brains and intelligence to think this through and make the right decisions. You wouldn't have the job in the first place otherwise would you. Only you can decide what is right and best for you at this stage of your life. With this boy in the, you can't have both. Good luck to you. I have a feeling things will turn out ok for you. You will make the right choice eventually.