Tellme whats your favorite Anime and why...?

March 4, 2007 6:59am CST
I love watching japanese anime, my favorite id Yuyuhakusho... it tells a stroy og yusuke who turned out to be hald demon but became the protector of the human world from the spirit world where most of the demon characters comes from.. try watching it... its nice, whats your fave id like to know... i might have seen it before or so we'll know how many Japanese anime has been released already...
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• Malaysia
4 Mar 07
Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist. Some of my friends told me about Yuyuhakusho but i still do not have time to watch it.Since many people recommend this anime then i should try to find time watching it. Thank you for sharing.
• Philippines
4 Mar 07
yea you should - my brother loves Naruto but i haven't really consentrated on watchingit - one day i will i swear - i like full metal achemist too - love the gears - lolz
@neenasatine (2842)
• Philippines
4 Mar 07
sakura and syaoran - KAWAII
Cardcaptor Sakura is my favorite Japanese anime.... i really love the story... it's not the usual love story that i usually encounter.... favorite character there is ShaORAN Li... his red lines on his cheeks, we he sees Sakura....^-^ so KAWAII... he cant express his feelings to sakura easily.... so amazing...Sakura and Shaoran are rivals during the first season and became friends before the end of the season.... then he fell in love to Sakura....
• Philippines
4 Mar 07
Yea absolutely - Card Captor is one of my faves too - you go girl
4 Jul 07
It has to be Card Captor Sakura, really. It's just SO kawaii ^^ And it's so innocent, too, compared to some of the stuff they put on TV these days. When I found out that the second movie was going to be my last ever CCS fix, I was like SO bummed! Now I just have to live on the ever-growing data-base of fanfictions at !!
• Singapore
7 Mar 07
I think 12th kingdom is by far the best i've watch. I don't quite get it in the beginning, but it all make sense at the back. Its great!