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March 4, 2007 9:36am CST
This happened at my daughters school the other day & I am told by the principal I over reacted. My daughter had a substitute teacher in Social Studies, They were talking about World War Two. This woman told the class the following. "With the exception of the war in Iraq which is ongoing currently, The United States in its entire history has never had a war." My daughter who has read some of my books questioned the validity of the statement. She was then told quite firmly that " The American Revolution never happened, The War of 1812, Spanish American War Civil War, Whiskey Rebellion, World Wars One & Two Korea, Vietnam all were fictional" She protested & was sent to the office with a zero for the day. The kid has an A/B average & is usually on the honor roll. She came home & told me, I went to the school prepared to raise hell. I asked what the teachers problem was I asked how she got a license to teach without sitting through a history class.I was told that she was not a regular teacher she was a ministers wife. I was also told they were very busy people & it was unreasonable of me to expect them to be able to do their jobs correctly. I spoke to the regular class room teacher on her return & she told me I was not the only parent she had heard from & she was requesting that person not sub for her class again. I have since learned the "SUB" got a teachers license and is teaching in another school. Comments Pro or Con
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