I need some help!!!

South Africa
March 4, 2007 10:20am CST
well it all started on my first day of school. Pre-school.i started it late. When i went to my first day i made one good friend named proshan who i was with all day every day throuh pre school, he was my best friend. at grade one i wasn't in his class and i made another good friend who later became my best. Named Robert. He was my best friend up to grade 7. I had many friends that year and all were "the cool kids," the jocks. I did not no it would turn out this way. For some reason they turned on me and made that whole year hell and i had no where else to go and i tried to make some new friends.The ring leader was a boy named Hayden. Everyone went to different high schools but me and robert. He and i were the only ones who we new in the class so we kind of became friends.Bad move.Through grade 8 and 9 we made a bunch of friends. Now i am into ska and punk music and they are into rap and hiphop. So now hayden has decided to come to my school this year,grade 10,and is friends with robert. they are all much stronger than me and bigger. Hayden has grown out of the stage abit but now robert is worse than ever. he wont leave me alone and just the other day i broke my nose and he keeps on like bumping it on perpose. He'll slap my head all day because it makes everone else laugh. Every day i go home with a bad head ach and i dont no what to do . I would fight him but he would beat the crap out of me and it would make it worse. When he slaps my head off course i slap him back but then he hits me more and if i dont hit him back he'll carry on. I have 2 more years of school left and i cant take it. I dont no why he does it , maybe because i am a twin, smaller than him, dont listen to the same music as him or what. I need some advice.
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