what is the best movie you've ever seen ?

March 4, 2007 10:47am CST
what is the greatest film you've ever seen ? and why did you like it? I love watching movies but then some of the movies I've seen does'nt make any sense at all, what I want in a movie is something that has extraordinary story or a story with a different twist wherein the ending is a bit exciting and does'nt end up like those other usual films. If I would to mention a movie that has mark on my mind since the day that I saw it was the movie swordfish (for action) shawnshank redemption (drama) and armageddon (adventure, action) I love swordfish because of the story wherein a well known terrorist has a different ways of saving people played by John travolta (he actually gives the life in that movie). in shawshank redemption it has extraodinary plot wherein in a prisoner got away from jail without even noticed even by the audience but when it was recalled on the mid part of the story it gives sense of what the prisoner had been doing. and for my last movie armaggedon I give it a thumbs up because its a complete movie it has action, suspense and drama as well as love story.
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@vampkat (60)
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4 Mar 07
I can't ever put a "favorite" on movies. i have so many I adore for different reasons. Here a a few, and why I love them. Requiem for a Dream - it is unique in telling the truth about REAL life, and what happens when addictions overtake your life. May - it is completely surreal. And WEIRD. I love strange. Imprint - it's a very...get your attenton horror movie that goes over barriers and taboos like a boat over water. Mirror Mask - it's a very beautiful movie made by two of my favorite people. It's dark, the language is very pretty, and the story is interesting due to all the strange creatures and beautiful scenery.