Potty Training ..........Is this ok.....

United States
March 4, 2007 12:48pm CST
I have been potty training my daughter for months now and she was just about there she didn't even wet at nighttime then she got scarred to go number 2 (make a bowl movement) and wanted to wear a diaper so I read about it and what I read it said to put the diaper back on now she will not wear panties and when I do put them on she pees them do seems we have gone backwards... any suggestions on this
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@Darkwing (21588)
4 Mar 07
There's not much you can do but persevere. Keep the emergency diapers out of site, and praise her, even reward her when she opens her bowels on her potty. Make a real fuss about it and make her feel important that she's done things right. She'll get used to it in the end, but don't back down, whatever you do, or she'll be in diapers for ever more. Try to make potty time a fun time, with colouring, or model making with play dough or something. Take her mind off what she's doing so that it becomes more of a routine rather than something she's afraid of. It will be a fun time... then, when she is finished, if things are successful it's time for the reward. If not, don't give the reward. Things will soon sink in as to what you expect of her. I know it's a private thing but take her into the bathroom with you when you go, so that she takes it as a more natural thing. Point out to her that you don't wear diapers and when she's a big girl and can go without, she can wear pretty panties like you. There's all sorts of ways of cajouling her into using her potty. lol. Good luck with this and Brightest Blessings.