do you think poetries are oversentimental?

March 4, 2007 1:16pm CST
i think poetries are still good as a present for the person you love. what do you think? have you ever written some for your partner? if yes, was he/she happy or disappointed?
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@chloe9013 (532)
4 Mar 07
I think it can be a nice thing if you cant really afford presents. Plus there is obvious effort in it. I would certainly be over the moon if my fella made the effort to write something for me. I did once right a poem for my first love during our time together. It was about not being together as i was lonely at the time of writing it. I hope you don't mind but i will post it up. (i wrote it when i was 15 so its a little pain) Picture on the wall. I look upon the wall and stare deep into you eyes In the hope that when i turn around, Ill find a sweet suprise A suprise that fills the room with love and my heart so full of joy For you to be there open armed, there, stands my perfect boy. But when i turn, An empty door way, as hollow as my heart. "where is my prince?" I cry out loud, Hoping you'd here my call But all i have, for now anyway, Is you picture on my wall.
• Italy
4 Mar 07
wow it's very nice! you were good at writing even at 15!!
4 Mar 07
thankyou for you kind words. I wrote alot of poetry when i was younger as i had lots of emotions to express. These days i cant even come up with four lines! I guess life has just become alot more simpler, nothing really bothers me or inspires me enough to write about it.
• Canada
4 Mar 07
Poems are not oversentimental at all. I think they are a very personal expression and can only be truly enjoyed by the person for whom they are intended.