Letter to someone.....

March 4, 2007 1:54pm CST
I know it's awkward but hope you'll understand why I posted it here:)------ Hi, I am not going to send you a friend request until you assure me that you'll accept it. But whether you accept or not, you are going to be in my list for you are really nice to read:) I wanted to response in many of your discussions, but unfortunately they were either too old or not something I could reply to being a new one here:( Keep on, Happy postings and regards from me:) Note-- If you know to whom it's written please tell;)
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• Ireland
4 Mar 07
I never refuse a request from somebody who wants to be on my friends list. I would never offend anybody by doing this. I too have to pass over discussions posted by my friends as I sometimes do not have a suitable contribution to make. I also don't post a response if I see that somebody else has posted the reponse that I would have posted because that could be regarded as copying. I don't understand the last part of your topic - sorry.
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• India
4 Mar 07
Never mind if you don't get the last part of my post:) Actually it's a letter to one member here whom I want to add but am not sure if I'll be accepted. The lastest line is meant for that particular member, or someone who can tell to whom I wrote the letter. You are very kind:) I sometimes get irritated when my friends start many a topics in a short span, none of which is worth to response as I have to be careful about my spending of Megabytes while searching through the pages. But that's not the case till now as I have no such friends. All of mine ones are slow and steady:)
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