Whats the difference???

@xtina87 (303)
March 4, 2007 2:40pm CST
I was just wondering what the difference between a Catholic and a Christian is, are they the same or different? anybody know
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• India
4 Mar 07
Every religion taught the same lesson. There are many people in the world and every people have a different understanding. We create different religion hundred and thousands of year ago to help people, so that they can understand and do good things. Now we are trying to find out the difference. I think, Identifying difference in religion is nothing but a wasteage of time. Because every religion say the same thing in different manner.
@beaniegdi (1966)
4 Mar 07
i think catholics are christians, ithink maybe yu are thinking of the differences between church of england and catholics? catholics are more high church and they say their prayers to the virgin mary so she can pass them on but church of england pray directly to jesus, also catholics believe in confession so yu can cofess to the priest in church and they are stricter about birth control and other issues than the church of england. in england we used to be catholic until henry the 8th wanted to divorce one of his wives but the catholic church does not allow this so we changed to allow this to happen, he was after a son but his wives only gave him daughters.
• Singapore
4 Mar 07
If I understand correctly, you are a Christian if you believe in the religion Christianity. Within Christianity, there are branches of which the "orthodox" Catholicism is one of them. You can a Catholic if you believe in this. Others include e.g. the Protestant faction.