Desperate to move out, but with no money!! WHAT AM I GONNA DO??!!

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March 4, 2007 7:07pm CST
I have just about had enough of this stress while living in my parents' house and being trapped in a dysfunctional family I have had to endure since the early '90s. You see, I have had a strong desire to move out of my parents' house and have a place of my own so that I don't have to put up with constant, annoying family interferences. I have had to tolerate and endure my old man who causes me and my mom severe trouble by jumping on my back whenever he gets the chance. Every time I get on my computer at home while he is here he keeps running me off of there and always complains about my room! He even tries to fight me barehandedly! Also, when he's here he keeps making that "SHKRIFF-SHKRIFF-SHKRIFF" scraping sound that gets on my nerves, and he smells of alcoholic drinks and cigarettes. My mom is so pessimistic, hopeless and scared so much that it sapped me of my energy. She smokes and drinks because her nerves are so torn up because of living with that "boot camp drill seargeant". No wonder I can't get a job because of them. But that's not all. My older sisters are so crazy and so "ghetto" that its unbearable! Every time I have to ride with them I can't listen to the radio; only christian stuff! And she brings another annoyance just to ruin my trips. My little parasite of a sister also hogs the computer during the day time every time I come home, and drains my vitality with her annoyances, and it has been that way since the mid-90s. I can't even concentrate on what I am doing ehen she's in the same room where I am. Living in the same house for almost 2 decades with such emotional vampires almost made me just as pessimistic and hopeless as mom. I am still trying to find a job, but my chances of landing one are getting slim as I didn't get any notification from the jobs I have signed up for. I have no money, and moving/relocation to another place may cost me about millions of dollars! I don't want to die living in my parents' house for the rest of my life with emotional vampires that sap me of my energy. I have bad health already, and I am getting desperate!
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@PoeTalker (715)
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5 Mar 07
I looked up your age & ughs your only my age. At 21, with no skills other than a highschool education (which I hope you have) it can be hard to get a job. There was actually a article in the newspaper saying that sense the 70's there is a 44% increase with adult kids staying in their parents home. Which really sucks because there are 30% less jobs available to kids under 30. Anyways heres my idea of what you should do. You've obviously missed the 'college scholarship' bandwagon and your now forced to live life the hard way. Living with 'emotional vampires' is not only draining on you but it will effect the way you behave for the rest of your life. What you need to do is get a job at any Mc Donals, Burger King or Grocery Store you can find and take that minimum wage job. Find one of your high school buddies and rent a REALLY CHEAP crappy apartment (400/mo.) and get out of your parents house. Save up some money pray to god you meet a woman with rich parents and try to go to a community college. Places like Burger King either treat or reimburse you for quite a bit of money from tuition. You are stuck and it is bad, and it's only going to get worst. Especially sense you can't find a job your parents probably make you feel worthless as well. So no one is really supporting you or making you feel better/MOTIVATED about YOURSELF or your LIFE. Take the hard way out and get used to eatting Ramen Noodles & Mac N Cheese for your daily meals. Now you also might want to consider the military. It might be your only choice, but I see you have health issues which is why you man not have joined already. In any case tell your parents you are ready to spread your wings & fly, you might find they can be more financially helpful than you thought. But if they are alchoholics it most likely isn't that way. Good luck.