@boeyong (256)
March 4, 2007 8:06pm CST
Hi There is this site that makes you extra money to your egold account. Invest a minimum of 25 cents egold and they give you $2.50 as a bonus but I invested $1 and I had $3.50 in my account. 2 weeks from the date I put in $1, I got 4.60 and I request $2 (a 100% return) into my egold account. I checked and my egold account was credited today. So now everything that is in the account balance from now on, is free cash. Want to try this and have 25 cents in egold? (I would recommend you invest $1 and get paid back $2 in 2 weeks, like me). The link is here:
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• Pakistan
5 Mar 07
i am already a member here and i have got 1 payment from them and i have deposited some here myself. they are really paying