Days of our life. (memory jogger) =)

March 4, 2007 9:03pm CST
This as probably been done before. So I've tried to make it more interesting and insightful. Although I will understand if I don't receive many responses, I'm happy with however or how many of the below are answered. Kudos. Please answer these questions, honestly and meaningfully. ~Joey Happiest day; The day my son was born. I honestly thought something would go wrong, as so many times my wife and I have had our dreams crushed when it comes to becoming parents. Thankfully her parents wasn't around to bother us which left her stress free. =) Saddest day; This isn't a easy answer for me. Generally the loss of any family member really is the saddest day for me but the day I watched my wife give birth to a beautiful still-born daughter was the saddest day. Emotionally it sucks and nothing I've felt as come close to being as bad as that day. A time you learnt from a mistake; (a big/important one) I have two answers for this. When I younger, I used to take my family for granted not In an exactly bad way but I didn't truly appreciate what they did until my grandfather passed away and then it hit home. Another answer would be that no matter how hard I tried my wife family wouldn't like me, It was because of who I was.(like it thought) but because there control freaks who couldn't win with me around. A time you cried because you missed someone; Last year on holiday my wife and I extended our holiday to another week. The first two weeks we stayed with my parents and we let them stay over the weekend so they could go back on the train safely. (my mother isn't a strong walker) this was the first time I had been away from them for a few years and my wife and I got upset because of this. Last one. A day we're you had a lot of fun because of your day getting messed up; My wife and I often plan ahead. As I'm one of those who put every little thing in detail to avoid issues etc. One time we planned to go to apart of nottingham which we had never been to together. The only problem was the buses was very late and the ones which turned up didn't go near our destination unlike the timetables mentioned. We ended up walking around and buying cookies + other things and going to a friends house. It's nice when plans break and they leave you open to doing something different. Thanks, ~Joey
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5 Mar 07
Saddest day - was actually graduating from college. That was really hard for me. I loved school and the community I had built for myself there. Happiest day - wasn't my wedding day, but the day i got engaged. To me, that is really the day we got married, because we promised our committment to each other then. Biggest mistake - NOT leaving my family behind sooner than I did. They are messed up, and they messed ME up for years. I no longer talk to them, and my life is peaceful and happy now.
6 Mar 07
Hey Cassidy22, Yes it's hard to leave a place which you've spent so long around. I remember wishing my school days away, then after I missed them and this counted those idiots who liked to do silly things. laugh out loud =) Family's are sometimes messy and It's good to hear you got away. =) Thanks for sharing this. ~Joey
5 Mar 07
Happiest Day: This for me would be the first time my other half said he loved me and really ment was early in the relationship, but still, sometimes he finds it hard to say what he feels, so it really means the world to me. Saddest Day: The morning I found out my Nana had passed away. We were really close and I still miss her now. She had recently been put into a home, where she could be looked after and have new friends, I went to see her a few times a week...but that week I had to do extra hours at work, so I didn't get to see her as much. I still feel guilty about it now. Although my Uncles and other members of my family tell me not to be, as my other cousins didn't even go to see her, and at least I went regularly and spent alot of time with Nana. Time I cried because I missed someone: This would be August 2006, while I was on a two week holiday in America...The holiday was great, but it was the hardest days of my life. I really missed my partner, and cried alot for no reason. The only contact we had was when I paid for a computer to rent for 30 minutes, and I emailed him as much as possible, but that also upset me more. Also, on that holiday a necklace William brought me was snapped while we were in the pool at the hotel, and that was/is one of the best presents he has ever brought me...I cried for hours just because of that. A day where you had alot of fun, becuase everything went wrong: This would be when me and my partner went out, he's nearly always late when we meet up anyway, but this one day I was in town abit early just incase, and he was late so I was waiting for quiet a while. We went out together, down to the embankment near his workplace...had a laugh on the park and just spending time together. There was a nottingham forest match so when that finished my other half and I were having a laugh at them (as we hate forest, then again who doesn't - as Joey knows, lol) It also rained so we got soaked and had to shelter under an old ice cream vendor thing...while we waited for Joey and his was a great day, but everything just seemed to go wrong.
6 Mar 07
Tut tut. Making fun of forest isn't very nice now. What happened to Chelsea!! joking. =) It's nice to see three great responses and especially nice to see you share this with us. Thanks vicky =) ~Joey