When Girlfriend and Girl-Bestfriend Collides, What would you Do?

March 4, 2007 11:42pm CST
It's kinda unfair to choose between girl-bestfriend and girlfriend...when you don't want to loose one of them. When jealousy strikes...relationships are bound to be in trouble. The common factor between the 2 entities suffers... You yourself don't want to bring them together in one room...How would you handle them when they collide?.. You don't want to hurt their feelings even...Its like an item in an examination with two correct answers. Help! Help! Help!
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@xanjvill (88)
• Philippines
9 Mar 07
Another case of My Bestfriend's Wedding. LOL. I think it should really be the best friend who has to back off a little. Giving you and your girlfriend time to really connect and bond. It does not have to be a no communication, no appearance thing. Just enough backing off to show your girlfriend that there is really nothing going on between the two of you and that there are no special feelings - your just friends and that ends there. I once have a guy bestfriend and whenever she has a new girl I'll just be on the background. We'd talk if he calls and see each other if he wants too. I don't demand anything from him because I know that he won't disappoint me and that would make her girlfriend feel left out.
• Philippines
9 Mar 07
You made me laugh coz me and my bestfriend have watch this film together (that time i have not met my gf yet). I agree, after all she is my best friend, and a friend should understand better than gf if she wants my happiness also. But this one is different, as is no romantic feeling like julia roberts does in that film. It is just my gf who is a little insecure...maybe my friend knows me better than she does. (at least that what she think of). My friend is willing yet knowing her she will not let any unpleasant incided pass through her. She is a tiger-lily. While gf is a SNOB-flower. Have a great day!
@m_audrey6788 (15335)
• Philippines
6 Mar 07
yeah that's a big problem friend...but your best friend know you very well and should be the one to understand your situation more...if someone who needs to adjust it's your bestfriend and you should ask for her understanding and patience not unless your bestfriend really has something special feelings about you and your girlfriend felt as if your bestfriend is doing something to get you from her...i hope this helps...
• Philippines
5 Mar 07
Wow, that's one volatile situation there.. -_-" You should never have to choose between the two, though at times it is inevitable. The problem will only arise when your girlfriend feels insecure over your gal pal - after all, you and your friend have probably known each other longer than you and your girlfriend became exclusive, and she would understandably feel jealous over your closeness and your gal pal's intimate knowledge of you life B.G. - Before Girlfriend. It would be a good idea if you "make" them friends - that is, if they meet and are given enough time, they can have a chance of being friends themselves. That would be ideal, and will save you the heartache of having to choose between them later on. They will meet, no matter how hard you try to stop it - so when they do, show them both that you have no plans of choosing between them; that your girlfriend will be the only girl in your life, and that your girl friend will always remain as your friend, even though she happens to be a girl. Have a happy life, dear.^^